While numerous investment vehicles can grow your capital, real estate has stood supreme from the dawn of human society. Our investors are trained in an array of current, creative and effective techniques to create both passive and massive wealth.

Real Estate

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The IDEAL Investment

There's a reason why 100% of the wealthiest people in the world invest in real estate. That's not to say other investments don't have merit, but real estate offers some pretty amazing -- and pretty unique -- advantages. 

Those in the know call real estate the IDEAL investment. Here's Why:

Income. Want your cake and eat it too? Real estate is the only asset you can keep and still earn income with (in the form of rents). If you want capital from your other assets, you'll have to sell them.

Deductions. Many expenses associated with investment property are tax deductible. In fact, in the hands of a competent CPA, your rentals may even operate at a loss... on paper that is. Meaning, even though your property might cash flow, your deductions could greatly offset or even eliminate the taxes on that cash flow. One of the biggest deductions you get is the cost of the property itself, which you can write off over a 27.5 year period, if residential, and 39 years if commercial.

Equity. Equity is the difference between what your property is worth and how much you owe. Every time your tenants pay rent (and/or you pay your mortgage), your equity grows. That equity can be used to purchase even more property.

Appreciation. As your house gains in value, whether by favorable market conditions or improvements made by you, your net worth and equity grows.

Leverage. There is no other investment vehicle that allows you to use leverage like real estate. Leverage allows you to use other people's money (bank, hard money, private investor/lender) to make your money go further. For example, instead of buying one property for $100,000, you could buy five of the same value by making $20,000 down payments and leveraging the rest.

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